The erosion of public space has great impacts on local communities. The following organizations are engaged in a variety of different projects related to public space. Please check out their websites for further details. 



Iare Pekhit aims to advance pedestrian rights and develop public space in Georgia.


Spaces was an initiative between 2011-2014 that curated and carried out participatory art events in public spaces in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.  

Tbilisi In/Sights

Tbilisi InSights aims to outline a non-linear, personal perspective on the transformations of daily life in Tbilisi. The collective also aims to rethink structures of daily life, set in an inadequate dichotomy of private and public spaces, in the broader context of globalized cities, using Tbilisi as an experimental laboratory to situate and propose possible inputs.

Public Space With A Roof (PSWAR)

Public Space With A Roof (PSWAR) was founded in 2003 in Amsterdam by the artists Tamuna Chabashvili (Georgia, 1978), Adi Hollander (Belgium, 1976), Alon Levin (Israel, 1975), Wartan Aror Jiftian (Lebanon, 1975) and Krzysztof Wegiel (Poland, 1973). It was initiated as a research project-space with the aim to enable the artists to develop and present their ideas, realize collaborative projects and engage in critical discourse

Urban Experiments Group

Urban Experiments Group is an interdisciplinary design group, producing creative projects for the city of Tbilisi, based on the bottom up approach to the research and a design process.


Slobodne veze/Loose associations, contemporary art practices is a self- regulated artists’, curators’ and cultural workers’ initiative.


Utopiana is a nonprofit organization that works toward enlarging the possibilities and borderlines of artistic production. 

Heinrich Boell Foundation South Caucasus

The Heinrich Boell Foundation of the South Caucasus has supported projects such as "Designing Democratic Public Space in Yerevan". The goal of that project was to facilitate shaping a democratic and diverse public free space at Mashtots Park (Yerevan, Armenia), and use the space for the empowerment of civic activists’ groups.